Father and Child enjoying Heart Song Kids Music ClassZachary has been taking Music Together classes for over a year. Since the beginning it has been the high point of his week. The classes are taught with tremendous energy and care. It is a remarkable experience for me to watch Zach’s musical growth and the growth of his LOVE of music. When we started he would bop along to the music– now he’s singing songs all the way through (and Frere Jacques in three different languages!), making up lyrics to familiar melodies from class; and spending time every day playing the drums and picking out tunes on his toy piano. Zach started at about 1 year old and is now almost 2 ½. This morning he was listening to a song and matching pitches on his little piano. Cool. Music– and the Music Together songs– have been completely integrated into his daily life. In addition to the musical benefits of the program, we have found that Music Together has offered us an amazing opportunity to meet other parents and children from our community, many of whom have become friends. What a gift!


Heartsong Kids music class Scarf playJack has attended 5 series of Music Together classes since he was 1 1/2 years old. He is now 3 years old and what he has accomplished through these classes is just simply wonderful. In the beginning, he was the little boy who would sit in my lap the entire time during class never uttering a word let alone clap his hands. On the last day of class of that first session during the “Goodbye, So Long, Farewell” song, he suddenly leaped up and ran over to the teacher and gave her a huge hug. A new world had been opened up to Jack.

My husband is a musician and I was a dancer, so I always thought that we could teach him everything he needed to know when it came to the arts. What I hadn’t realized was how important it is to apply it in a group setting. Music, singing, and dancing are meant to be practiced and performed in a communal forum. The sense of humanity that is passed on to our children in a Music Together class is priceless.

My favorite example of this is something that happened on the subway when Jack was 2 1/2 years old. It had been a long day of holiday shopping in Manhattan and then on our way back home we were shoved around, had to switch trains several times due to a track fire, and missed a couple of trains because of the crowd. Needless to say both Jack and I were very tired. After finally making our way on to a very crowded train, pressed up against numerous people, Jack burst out into song. He sang “Shoo-fly” at the top of his lungs and by the time he got to “I feel like a morning star” everyone’s formerly hardened faces had softened. Some people laughed, everyone smiled and I sang along. After all, that’s what you do in Music Together, you sing along.


Music Together is a wonderful program for children. It brings so much happiness to children and parents alike. My daughter has been coming to the Heartsong Kids Music Together classes since she was six months old. She is almost five now. Whatever she learns in class she brings home with her and it gets better and better.


Family at music classOur son Steven has been attending Music Together at Heartsong Kids for over a year. At 22 months of age, he has developed an affinity for music, song and dance. As a family, we enjoy participating in the wonderful classes given by such talented instructors. We constantly listen to the CD’s and often find ourselves singing the songs throughout the day, even without the music.

Music Together provides an environment that stimulates, encourages and promotes a child’s natural curiosity for music. It engages children in fun, age-appropriate musical activities, while exposing them to a wide range of music.


Our daughter Sophie has grown up with Music Together – her first Music Together class was at 6 weeks old! Sophie often fell asleep while we were singing to her and the dance movements were as magical as a rockaby lullaby! Today, Sophie is almost 15 months old and she runs around dancing and interacting with all the parents and children with such confidence and grace! I am so proud. When it is time for the music instruments, whether it is the egg shakers or the drums, Sophie screams at the top of her lungs, “OOHHHHH” and runs to choose a drum, a stick, a castanet, and anything else she can hold in her little fingers! She very excitedly drops to the ground and starts banging away and singing “OOOHHHHH” and shouts “HOORAY!!!” We are commited to MT and thankful to Carol and her teachers at Heartsong Kids for enriching our Sophie’s life with music and modeling for us how to move and groove.


photo from heartsong kids music classMusic Together has been a very important part of my toddler’s development and our bonding. Every time we open one of his music books I can perfectly remember if during that song he could already walk, jump, dance or sing. He is always looking forward to his music class day and to seeing his teacher who is a very important figure in his little world; not to mention how much I enjoy the class myself.