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Heart song kids enjoying musical instrumentsMusic Together is a nationally recognized early childhood music program with centers throughout the United States and in other countries.

Music Together classes are based on the belief that making music with children, in the family and in a community of families:

  • enriches the lives of both children and adults
  •  promotes musical growth in children by nurturing their innate musical aptitude and
  • providing a groundwork for future musical explorations, and shows us how much FUN music is!!!


Classes are made up of 6 to 12 children from infants to five years old, each child accompanied by one (or both) parents, or a caregiver.

Mother and Child enjoying music togetherThe teacher leads the class in songs, dances and rhythm chants featured in the song collection for the current semester. We make music through the natural and expressive movement of our bodies in:

  • fun, playful, interactive ways to focus on tonal and rhythmic elements of music
  • small and large movement
  • free, expressive dance
  • use of props (scarves, balls, eggs, jingles, sticks, etc.) opportunities for improvisation by children as well as adults

Music Together parents discover what a powerful role model they are to their child, just by having fun with the music themselves. In doing so, they often find that their own musicality flourishes as well!

In these classes there is no right way or wrong way, there is only each explorer’s way into the wondrous world of “rhythmos” – the river of music. There are no expectations. All children learn in their own way.